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Rolfing and Personal Training at Studio Niederrohrdorf (CH)

Starting now, I offer Personal Training and Rolfing in Niederrohrdorf. Personal Training helps you achieve your fitness goals and improve your physical performance. Rolfing , on the other hand, allows you to release tensions and restrictions in the body and achieve better posture. With this combination of targeted training and holistic bodywork, you can significantly enhance your health and well-being. Schedule an appointment today and experience the benefits of Personal Training and Rolfing in Niederrohrdorf.

Modern treatment room

In my cozy treatment room in Niederrohrdorf above the Fitness- & Gesundheitscenter goodfit, I offer Rolfing treatments. The room is specially designed to provide you with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where you can fully focus on your treatment.
The room is equipped with a modern treatment table and all necessary tools to provide you with an optimal Rolfing experience.

Personalized training

In my training room in Niederrohrdorf you can achieve your fitness goals and improve your physical performance. The room is spacious and provides ample space for individual training. The atmosphere is motivating and inspiring, to push you to perform at your best.
With my professional support, I am by your side to help you define and achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, or simply stay fit, I offer you a customized training program tailored to your needs.
Studio Niederrohrdorf
EMR zertifiziert

EMR, ASCA, EGK certification

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a therapy method recognized in Switzerland. The majority of health insurance companies over a portion of the treatment costs through their supplementary insurance plans. Please inquire with your insurance company beforehand. My ZSR number is D865763.


The practice is located in the center of Niederrohrdorf (CH) above GoodFit Fitness. Parking possibilites are right in front of the door.
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