Hand und Fuss

In Lörrach (DE) und Olten (CH)

HAND UND FUSS by Max Binder

Hand und Fuss by Max Binder

Not only with hands and feet, but with heart and mind.

Individual. Competent. Passionate. Goal-oriented.

Personal Training

Do you want a body that functions seamlessly, with fluid movement and a well-balanced structure? I will motivate you, challenge you, and support you in bringing out the best in yourself.
Personal Training
Rolfing Behandlung Rücken


Is your posture deteriorating and are you experiencing physical discomfort? Rolfing is a fascinating method of bodywork that aims to improve the balance, mobility, and structural alignment of your body. Through targeted manual techniques, muscular tensions are released, posture is optimized, and body awareness is enhanced.

About me

My name is Max Binder, and I am a personal trainer and Rolfing therapist. With my years of experience and passion for holistic health, I am here to support you in achieving your individual goals.
My holistic approach combines personal training and Rolfing to provide you with comprehensive and sustainable well-being. I believe that good physical condition, a strong emotional balance, and a health body awareness go hand in hand.
Please feel free to contact me for a non-binding consultation or to schedule an appointment.
Max Binder

This is what my customers say

Giovanna Pavoncelli
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Max is very likeable. But what is even more important, he is very competent. I received many valuable tips and input in a short time. I will definitely come back. Best regards and heartfelt thanks.
Laura Lena
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Making contact with Max Binder and working with him was the best decision in recent years. It couldn´t be better. He keeps all promises, senses what is said and feels what is unsaid. He listens to understand, and together we finde answers. With a plan and guidance towards a healthy body where the soul feels at home. I am grateful for this gift. With hands and feet, heart and mind, and lots of fun. Thank you very much, Max.
Barbara Zimmermann
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Max takes a lot of time, he addresses existing complains individually and professionally, and explains connections in a way that is easily understandable. The treatment has already helped me a lot, and the training tips are very helpful. I can recommend him without reservation.
Irene Held
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Max has managed to motivate me again for movement and sports. With a training structure/plan that is tailored exactly to me, my body, and my goals, which is constantly adjusted. He addresses individual topics, challenges, but does not overwhelm. You feel comfortable in his small personal training space. This also provides the necessary privacy that I needed. With a few targeted exercises, even my chronic shoulder pain has been resolved. Although I only started recently, I can already see initial successes. That´s why I can only recommend Max. He has exactly what I wanted from a personal trainer. Therefore, I would like to thank you for your commitment!
Heide Oller
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I visited Max because I wanted to try Rolfing to alleviate my neck pain. I was surprised when he focused on my feet and legs and pointed out a postural issue. After just a few sessions, I noticed a difference and my neck pain started to gradually improve. Therefore, I can only recommend Max. He is very professional and dedicated. Thank you so much, Max!

"Fascia is the organ of posture"
- Ida Rolf

Health and well-being are two essential pillars of a fulfilling life. If you also strive to feel physically fit, strengthen your mind, and have more vitality, you are in the right place.
The locations
Top ausgestattete Studios für Personal Training und Rolfing in Lörrach und Olten.
Available: Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Basler Straße 136 – 79540 Lörrach
Rolfing und Personal Training in Olten
Olten (CH)
Available: Tuesday
Ziegelfeldstrasse 25 – 4600 Olten
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